Common HVAC Questions

5 HVAC Questions Our Technicians Get ALL the Time


Throughout our 35+ years of service to Grass Valley and the surrounding communities, we often find ourselves answering the same questions about HVAC systems over and over again. No matter what type of home you have and what your heating and cooling needs are, it is important to keep your HVAC system working properly and running efficiently to keep your family healthy and comfortable. Today, we are going to answer some of your questions about HVAC maintenance and repair.

5 Common HVAC Questions Answered

Over our years of experience, we have put together a list of the 5 most common HVAC questions we get from our customers:

1. How often should I change or clean my air filters?

This is probably the question that we get most often. Some people change their filter at the start of each season, while others replace it once every month. The best answer to this question is that you should change your air filter when it is dirty. The frequency depends on a number of factors including the type of air filter, home air quality, pets, number of people in your family, and the level of outdoor pollutants and allergens in the area. To keep your system running efficiently, check your filters once a month and change them when they become dirty or clogged.

2. How often do I need to have my HVAC system serviced?

Your HVAC unit is a mechanical device with a motor and electrical components that require routine maintenance. Just like an automobile, your HVAC system needs to be serviced regularly to keep it running smoothly and working efficiently. If you do not have your system serviced regularly, you may experience complications and the unit may become less energy-efficient overtime. Aim for an annual tune-up where an HVAC expert will clean and lubricate your HVAC system components to keep your system working effectively year-round.

3. Why is my AC unit freezing up?

This is a common problem that homeowners face. There are many different reasons why you may be experiencing a frozen AC unit. As a homeowner you can make sure that the air filter is clean or replaced and the airflow is not restricted. Beyond that, you will need to call an HVAC professional to diagnose and fix the issue. Some potential issues that may be causing your AC unit to freeze up are low refrigerant, a dirty evaporator coil, or a defective blower motor or relay, all of which can be diagnosed and fixed by an HVAC technician.

4. Do I need to purchase an indoor air quality system (humidifier, dehumidifier, air purifier)?

No two homes or comfort levels are exactly the same. The answer to this question really depends on the needs of the individual and their family. Whole-house humidifiers can help reduce moisture for homes in humid climates while humidifiers can help add moisture to homes in dryer climates. As for air purifiers, they can be beneficial to those who have severe allergies or asthma, but it depends on the person’s threshold for irritants and allergy triggers.

5. How can I increase the efficiency and life of my HVAC system?

There are many ways that you can increase the energy-efficiency and longevity of your HVAC system. One of the best ways to increase energy efficiency is by adjusting your thermostat to a temperature closer to outdoor temperatures when you are not home and using the space. You should also make sure that your home is well-insulated and you are replacing or cleaning your air filters regularly so that your HVAC system is not working harder than it has to.

Have a question that we didn’t cover? Contact us today for help with your heating and cooling concerns.

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