Determining Whether It Is Time To Charge Your Air Conditioner

When your air conditioner goes out in the middle of a heat wave, the result is misery for all involved. Keeping the temperature in your home at a comfortable level is crucial for enjoying your home, and a broken thermostat or non-functioning air conditioning system can be a pain. Checking to see if your central air conditioner needs charged is the best way to get solutions to your home temperature problems.

Check for the Problem

The first step in determining whether your air conditioner is not working or simply needs charged is to ensure that the fan is working properly. In most cases, the air conditioning unit is located on the outside of your property, either in the backyard or near the perimeter of your house. If the fan is not blowing while the air conditioner is on in the house, it could indicate that the motor is not functioning. This is a common occurrence and is a routine procedure for any heating and cooling technician.

If the fan is indeed running, the problem may lie with the thermostat itself. Start by checking thermostat to ensure that it is at 65 degrees. After you have set it, check to see if cold air is blowing from the vents. If the thermostat is climbing past 65 degrees yet cold air is blowing, this indicates that the problem is with the thermostat itself, not with the air conditioning system.

If, in fact, the vents are blowing warm air even after you have lowered your thermostat, the problem is most likely that you need your Freon charged. This is a simple maintenance issue and can be completed quickly. Many times the Freon in the system simply runs out, making your air conditioner not work as intended.

Maintaining Your Central Air Conditioning System

Regularly maintaining your central air conditioner is key to keeping it working at its peak. During the winter, your unit may be filled with debris, reducing its efficiency. In some cases, Freon may build up in the unit, causing blockages in the ducts. A duct cleaning is a simple procedure that will keep your unit functioning. Many homeowners elect to have their system maintained at the beginning of spring before the hottest part of the summer. This means that you can enjoy continual use of your air conditioning without interruption.

Hiring a heating and cooling technician as soon as you notice a problem is key to getting a quick solution. Keep your unit maintained and find a heating and cooling technician that can charge your air conditioner today.

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