Don’t Forget to Check the Condition of Your Air Filters Frequently

Your heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system (HVAC) is supported by filters that must be checked and changed regularly so that the filters are kept at a level of cleanliness. Filters that are clean help the HVAC system function efficiently. Making sure the filter is clean will insure your HVAC system is working optimally.

Check Your Air Filter’s Condition

Homeowners should check the condition of their filters as frequently as the circumstances around their home demand. People with an average number of people in their household and limited activity outside that creates airborne debris, will probably need to change their filters once every three months. Filters will get dirty faster when there are pets in the home and dirt is being disturbed outside in the immediate vicinity due to construction, farming or gardening. This homeowner should check his filter once a month.


Clogged Air Filter

When you become familiar with how often your filter needs to be changed, you can keep a stock pile of clean filters ready for use. You’ll know when the filter requires changing by past experience or by the functioning of the HVAC system. When the system begins performing sluggish and the heat or air is not hot or cold enough, it’s probably because of a dirty or clogged filter. Check your air filter’s condition. Changing the air filter will result in the use of one of the following types of filters.

Types of Filters

  •  Panel Filters
  •  Electrostatic Filters
  •  Pleated Filters
  •  Washable Filters
  •  HEPA Filters

Panel Filters

The panel filter is the traditional type of filter that provides protection for the system’s motor, fan and coils. It does not provide protection against mold and allergens.

Electrostatic Filters

Static electricity is used to charge the unwanted particles that pass through the first two layers of this type of filter. They are caught by the opposite polarity emitted by last two layers.

Pleated Filters

Pleated filters are more efficient than panel filters because of the additional surface texture created by the pleating that captures dust and other particles. They are comparable to electrostatic filters in efficiency.

Washable Filters

Usually made of foam, these filters can simply be washed free of dust and debris with a steady flow of water. Their main purpose is to eliminate the cost of replacing filters.
HEPA Filters

HEPA filters are growing in popularity as more and more people are becoming aware of the harm caused by dust, dander, mold and other allergens. These filters can remove 99.7% of all the particles that can be captured by a filter.

Whichever type of filter you select for your home, it will improve the air quality your family is exposed to and improve the continued function of your HVAC system. If you notice reduced air flow or pressure, check your filters. Change your system’s filters regularly, every 3 months and at a minimum of annually to insure the efficient performance of your heating, cooling and air-conditioning system.

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