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HVACR Products And Services With Brewer Heating And Air Conditioning Inc.

Brewer Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. provides HVACR (Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning and Refrigeration) products and services to Grass Valley area. Unlike some companies, this company provides the heating and air conditioning services to both residential and commercial premises. The company’s certified technicians possess the technical skills required to diagnose and fix any HVACR situation, and the professional courtesy to respond in time and relevance to the client’s issue. Clients can get an estimate of the cost of the service, repair or new installation of HVACR systems free of charge.


Brewer Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. deals Residential & Commercial HVAC products whose durability and quality give clients value for their money. While substandard products may seem cheaper, they cost much in the long run due to repair/ replacement fees and high energy consumption, not to mention they do not always deliver the required service. Some of the HVACR products that this company deals include air conditioners, heat pumps, gas furnaces, oil furnaces, fan coils, packaged units, carrier thermostats, water heaters, air cleaners, humidifiers, duct free systems, standby power generators and UV lights among other products.


Brewer Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. sells products, installs new systems, performs regular maintenance and repairs faulty heaters and air conditioners as well as any other 24 Hour Emergency HVAC Service that may be required in any residential or commercial premise. Clients can even get free consultations, from the certified technicians, on their premises. Sometimes, clients need the expertise and knowledge of these technicians to decide what will be cost effective for them; for instance repairing heaters/ boilers or air conditioners versus replacing them with brand new systems.


Funding new heating and air conditioning installments, regular maintenance or repair can be quite costly. Brewer Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. works with Wells Fargo to enable clients get some financing at low interest rates and reasonable repayment durations. This enables clients to get the best quality of products and services on their HVACR systems without bearing a huge financial burden. Clients can also get funding for their HVACR systems by applying to Keystone Financial Loan Program which avails funds to people whose energy efficiency reaches a certain level. PECO Rebates also works with clients who wish to upgrade their systems to energy saving systems.

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