Midwestern Schools Closing Due to Lack of Air Conditiong


In Midwest this year, the issue of climate change is heating things up. Many schools across the states of North Dakota, Illinois, Ohio, and Minnesota, among others are experience longer summers and hotter, record-high days.The unforeseen heat has forced many schools to shut down on the hottest days, affecting children’s eductions and putting stress on the parents to find a suitable child care on these days.

The numbers of schools in theser areas that don’t have air conditioning systems are many. Despite all the noise that the local and national politicians are making with regard to the importance of education, the fact is that school closures in the Midwest are increasing. No students can learn during the hottest days because the schools are unbearable. The teachers and school administration are helpless in this situation until funding can be made available fo retrofit buildings with cooling systems.

In this era of regular technological advances, the lack of something so simple as air conditioning in schools is just laughable. Gone are the days when students could keep on learning during extremely hot days by keeping the windows open and relying on just fans to keep it comfortable.

Efforts have to be made on a much larger scale to find a way to accommodate air conditioning in schools. Just talk without action will not help the affected students and their families. With increased funding, it should be quite easy for existing schools to obtain air conditioning systems and newer schools to be built with the highly efficient air conditioning systems.

The Midwest is going to keep on feeling the heat extending past the months of a school’s summer vacation, so AC systems are needed to keep kids in school learning as they should be be with no interuptions from unpredictable scorching weather.

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