What Is A NATE Certified Technician?

Have you ever wondered — what does NATE certified mean? This is a common question among homeowners who are looking for a reliable HVAC technician. While it is certainly important that you get a heating and cooling technician who is both licensed and insured, it is also important to choose a technician who has the training and experience to handle the job and provide quality results. Fortunately, NATE certification is an easy way for anyone to know that the technician they are considering has exceeded the requirements needed to be a HVAC technician.

Whether you are looking for a HVAC technician to install a new air conditioner or you need an experienced technician to handle problems with your heating system, knowing you are getting a technician with the expertise to quickly and professionally handle the job is important. Fortunately, NATE certified technicians are an easy solution. When you hire NATE certified technicians you can rest assured that they have met a higher level of training and expertise. They have passed the exams needed in order to qualify and become NATE certified. This is important, especially when you want quality repairs and HVAC service

What is NATE Certification?

A HVAC technician who wishes to become NATE certified will be expected to pass an exam covering the basics of being a heating and cooling technician. This will include mastering such topics as tools, safety, principles of heat transfer and much more. However, in addition to this core exam, the technician will also be expected to choose an area of expertise or specialization. They will be tested on this specialty and will need to pass both exams in order to be certified as a NATE technician.

When you need any type of HVAC service, it is important to trust a reputable HVAC contractor with experienced NATE certified technicians. Of course, now that the weather is turning warm, it is a perfect time to contact your HVAC professional and schedule an important maintenance inspection. Homeowners who keep their AC maintained will enjoy more reliable service as well as lowered utility bills. Give your trusted HVAC contractor a call today.

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