Protect Your Entire Home From Power Surges

Do you know how well your electronics are protected from power surges? If not, it might be time to become concerned because a strong surge of voltage can render your home appliances useless. Inner electronic parts are sensitive and are not capable of handling high voltage surges. Most homes have Home Power Surge Protection equipment installed inside the breaker box.

There are several things that can cause a power surge in your home. Generally an external power surge is caused by lightning, accidents, and other things that interfere with power lines. Internal surges are caused by appliances, faulty wiring or issues with wires that are not grounded properly.

Internal surges are also caused by large appliances such as boilers, air conditioners, furnaces, refrigerators, and other large appliances. When these large appliances turn on they require a lot of energy. This energy is dumped back into the electric lines when the appliance turns off, and as a result the sensitive electrical components are slowly worn down and damaged. You can protect your valuable electronic appliances by installing additional surge protection.

A lot of homeowners think that their whole house surge protection is enough because most are rated to stop up to 50,000 amps. This is not enough though, quite often surges are strong enough to break through that protector and damage sensitive electronics. Lightning is usually the culprit when the whole home surge protector fails.

There are two additional devices you can install that will help prevent internal and external surges from damaging your televisions, computers, as well as costly HVAC equipment. Electricians and HVAC specialists recommend that homeowners install a surge protector electric outlet where large appliances will be plugged in. It is also recommended that a power strip is used to plug in sensitive electronics like computers and televisions.

One way to find out how to better Protect Your Home Utilities is to schedule a test on your home’s total electrical grounding system. You can have this system checked out during your regular HVAC Maintenance visit. The technician will also make sure that all of your surge protection devices are functioning properly. Contact your favorite HVAC contractor today and schedule a home grounding system test to make sure your expensive electronics are protected to the hilt.

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