The Raising Of Current Efficiency Standards Is Placed On Hold

Over the years there have been many amazing developments in the HVAC industry. Many of these developments concentrate on preserving energy and natural resources. In 2009 the U.S. Department of Energy partnered with several experts in the HVAC industry to improve on HVAC Efficiency.

As a result HVAC equipment manufacturers have been developing equipment that is far more efficient. Creating the annual fuel utilization efficiency, or the AFUE, rating system helped the DOE to measure the efficiency of fuel powered furnaces and boilers. HVAC manufacturers responded by creating the condensing furnace that has an AFUE rating of 90. A condensing furnace with this high rating is estimated at being the most efficient because it only wastes ten percent of the fuel it uses to heat homes.

Most of the existing combustion types of furnaces installed in homes located in the northern states have a meager AFUE rating of just 78. In fact, the current minimum required AFUE rating is set at 78 in states like New York. After the development of the efficient condensing furnace, the DOE made a move to raise the minimum HVAC Efficiency Standards to 90 in northern states.

In 2013 the DOE was ready to enforce the new efficiency standard of 90. Experts in the HVAC industry stood up for homeowners and their fear of this new efficiency standard and have stopped the enforcement of it, for now. They fear this enforcement because thousands of homeowners will have to make expensive modifications in order to add a condensing furnace into their HVAC system when their existing furnace wears out. The condensing furnace requires a different venting system than what most existing HVAC equipment uses.

The cost of purchasing the new furnace, a new venting system, as well as paying for the modifications and installation of the new furnace will far exceed what many homeowners can afford. However, for some homeowners, installing an AFUE 90 rated furnace was no issue financially and they are already enjoying the rewards of lower heating costs. The best way to learn more about efficient furnaces and to keep up with all that is transpiring in the court system about the raised efficiency standard is to contact a local HVAC company.

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