How Does An Air Conditioner Work?

Air conditioners work on the concept of phase conversion to cool air. They exploit a law of physics that when a liquid converts into gas, it absorbs heat. To facilitate phase conversion, air conditioners force special compounds into a cycle of evaporation and condensation in a closed system of coils.

The chemical compounds are refrigerants that are able to change at very low temperatures. Air conditioners also have fans that move warm interior air over the cold refrigerant coils. When hot air flows over the cold evaporator coils, heat is absorbed by the refrigerant as it changes from liquid to gaseous state.

For the air conditioner to keep cooling efficiently, the refrigerant has to be converted back to liquid again. This is made possible by the use of a compressor that puts the gas under high pressure. The process creates unwanted heat which is evacuated from the system using a second set of coils referred to as condenser coils and a second fan.

As the gas cools, it reverts back to liquid state and the process starts all over again. This cycle creates a series of phase conversion of refrigerant liquid that leads to absorption of heat and then compression and phase transition of gas back to liquid.

In addition to cooling indoor air, air conditioners also regulate the air temperature via a thermostat. Moreover, they are fitted with onboard filters that remove air borne particles from circulating air. They also function as dehumidifiers. By reducing the temperature of a volume of humid air, a portion of moisture in the air is reduced. This explains why air conditioners discharge water when operated on humid days.

In between the two sets of condenser and evaporator coils is the expansion valve. Its role is to determine how much compressed liquid refrigerant moves into the evaporator. There are some additional timers, valves and additional sensors to ensure things run smoothly but the aforementioned parts are the main components of an air conditioner.

Now that you have some air conditioning basics at your fingertips, you understand how an air conditioner works. You can always call us for all your air conditioning and heating system needs.

Midwestern Schools Closing Due to Lack of Air Conditiong


In Midwest this year, the issue of climate change is heating things up. Many schools across the states of North Dakota, Illinois, Ohio, and Minnesota, among others are experience longer summers and hotter, record-high days.The unforeseen heat has forced many schools to shut down on the hottest days, affecting children’s eductions and putting stress on the parents to find a suitable child care on these days.

The numbers of schools in theser areas that don’t have air conditioning systems are many. Despite all the noise that the local and national politicians are making with regard to the importance of education, the fact is that school closures in the Midwest are increasing. No students can learn during the hottest days because the schools are unbearable. The teachers and school administration are helpless in this situation until funding can be made available fo retrofit buildings with cooling systems.

In this era of regular technological advances, the lack of something so simple as air conditioning in schools is just laughable. Gone are the days when students could keep on learning during extremely hot days by keeping the windows open and relying on just fans to keep it comfortable.

Efforts have to be made on a much larger scale to find a way to accommodate air conditioning in schools. Just talk without action will not help the affected students and their families. With increased funding, it should be quite easy for existing schools to obtain air conditioning systems and newer schools to be built with the highly efficient air conditioning systems.

The Midwest is going to keep on feeling the heat extending past the months of a school’s summer vacation, so AC systems are needed to keep kids in school learning as they should be be with no interuptions from unpredictable scorching weather.

HVACR Products And Services With Brewer Heating And Air Conditioning Inc.

Brewer Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. provides HVACR (Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning and Refrigeration) products and services to Grass Valley area. Unlike some companies, this company provides the heating and air conditioning services to both residential and commercial premises. The company’s certified technicians possess the technical skills required to diagnose and fix any HVACR situation, and the professional courtesy to respond in time and relevance to the client’s issue. Clients can get an estimate of the cost of the service, repair or new installation of HVACR systems free of charge.


Brewer Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. deals Residential & Commercial HVAC products whose durability and quality give clients value for their money. While substandard products may seem cheaper, they cost much in the long run due to repair/ replacement fees and high energy consumption, not to mention they do not always deliver the required service. Some of the HVACR products that this company deals include air conditioners, heat pumps, gas furnaces, oil furnaces, fan coils, packaged units, carrier thermostats, water heaters, air cleaners, humidifiers, duct free systems, standby power generators and UV lights among other products.


Brewer Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. sells products, installs new systems, performs regular maintenance and repairs faulty heaters and air conditioners as well as any other 24 Hour Emergency HVAC Service that may be required in any residential or commercial premise. Clients can even get free consultations, from the certified technicians, on their premises. Sometimes, clients need the expertise and knowledge of these technicians to decide what will be cost effective for them; for instance repairing heaters/ boilers or air conditioners versus replacing them with brand new systems.


Funding new heating and air conditioning installments, regular maintenance or repair can be quite costly. Brewer Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. works with Wells Fargo to enable clients get some financing at low interest rates and reasonable repayment durations. This enables clients to get the best quality of products and services on their HVACR systems without bearing a huge financial burden. Clients can also get funding for their HVACR systems by applying to Keystone Financial Loan Program which avails funds to people whose energy efficiency reaches a certain level. PECO Rebates also works with clients who wish to upgrade their systems to energy saving systems.

The Benefits of Scheduling An AC System Servicing

Having an Air conditioning system that works perfectly when you need it at home or at your work place or business premises is very important. This is why it is essential to Schedule an AC system servicing and to have an air conditioning system maintenance contract. When your air conditioning system works perfectly at all times, you and your family, or your employees, work colleagues or customers will not feel the inconvenience of a faulty system.

When your air conditioning system is serviced regularly, it will work more efficiently and effectively. This will help to reduce your energy bills and to prevent costly AC breakdowns. The dual advantage of a reduced energy bill and the prevention of costly breakdowns is that you get considerable savings financially.

Whether you are at home or at the workplace or business premises, you need a good atmosphere. You will have peace and comfort when your heating and ventilating system is working properly. You also want your working environment to be comfortable and you want your employees or customers to be at peace.

Always look for a company that has a professional approach to the installation, repair and maintenance of your heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems. This is best way to have your heating and ventilation system working at optimum. When you schedule regular servicing and maintenance with such a company, you will not have to pay high energy bills or suffer uncomfortable consequences.

It is very likely that your heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems will break down quite often if they are not look at on a regular basis. Should this happen, you might have to call in an emergency engineer to do some repair work. This might prove to be costly because you might have to replace parts of your system or get a completely new system installed.

If this happens in your workplace or business premises, you might suffer further losses because you might have to close temporarily. Even if it does not happen at work or in your business, the lack of proper heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems at home can be quite uncomfortable and frustrating.

Ensure that the heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems at home, in the workplace or in your business premises are working properly. This will provide you with the assurance that your time and money is not wasted on unnecessary repairs. You will not have to go through unexpected and expensive repairs or installations but will also save on energy costs.