Gas Furnace Maintenance Practices

Having a heating system that is in good condition is important. It enables you to have peace of mind knowing that your house will be kept warm at all times. To keep the heating system in good condition, one has to regularly clean it and carry out some maintenance practices. This is only possible if one is familiar with the central part of the heating system which is the gas furnace.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Keeping the heating system clean and in good condition not only prolongs the life of the furnace, but also lowers the monthly utility bills. Maintenance of the system involves many intricate procedures. Most of them should be done by a licensed and certified technician since natural gas is highly explosive. However, this does not mean that homeowners should leave all the work to the technician. There are several tasks that one can perform so as to ensure efficient operation of the furnace.

Maintenance practices should be performed regularly. There are some that should be done monthly and others that should be done just before the winter season, when the heating system will be used a lot. Here are some of the cleaning and maintenance services that can be performed by the homeowner.


The filters should be kept clean at all times. If they are plastic filters, the homeowner should vacuum and wash them with detergent and water. Once they are clean, he or she should air-dry them thoroughly and place them back in the furnace. If they are cardboard filters he or she should discard them when they are dirty and replace them with other new similar filters.

Cleaning electronic filters is more complex. The homeowner should first remove the filter and follow the maintenance instructions that came with it. It is important for one to follow the instructions otherwise the filter might get damaged.


The furnace has moving parts inside it, such as the indoor blower motor and induced draft motor. Those parts are normally in motion and must be lubricated at all times. This involves opening the furnace, which is a risky procedure. Therefore, the task of lubricating the furnace parts should left to a licensed and certified technician. All motors with oiling ports should be lubricated every month or regularly depending on how long the furnace operates.

Burner and Heating Components

Furnaces operate for many years without malfunctioning. However, it is important to schedule maintenance appointments with a technician. He or she should inspect the heat exchanger passages, the thermostat setting, the burners and he venting system to ensure that there are no signs of corrosion.


Before hiring a technician, it is important to check if he or she is licensed. One should also carry out maintenance services even when there is no technician. However, if there is a serious problem or major maintenance services that need to be done on the gas furnace, one should hire a professional.