Is It Time To Replace Your Heating And Cooling Unit

Whether you are trying to save energy for the environment or money for your bank account, there are some advantages if you replace heating and cooling equipment with high-efficiency units and programmable thermostat options. Keeping down those higher energy bills is priority for most people and you want to make sure you are making the right choice when it comes to timing for replacing your old heating and cooling unit. There are several things that will help you make this decision.

Unit Age

If your heating and cooling unit is over 10 years old it is likely having a difficult time being efficient in the amount of energy that it uses. It probably has to work harder to reach and maintain the temperatures that you require of it. This means that you are not only putting tremendous wear and tear on the unit, but you are paying higher energy bills for the trouble. You may find that the age of your heating and cooling unit is making the decision for replacement much easier for you.

Repair Bills

Most units have a warranty that will end at some point. This means that you are stuck paying for the repairs necessary to keep the unit working properly. If you find that you are paying a repair technician considerable amounts of money each year to keep your unit running, you may want to consider replacing it with a more efficient unit. You will find that a new unit is going to come with a warranty that can help you with any repairs that might be necessary. You will also find that the newer units are more durable and you will not likely need any help with repairs in the near future. This can be a big annual savings.

Getting Money Back

In some locations, local government agencies or utility companies will offer homeowners a rebate of sorts if they replace their old inefficient units with new more energy efficient units. They often require that the replacement units are Energy Star rated and that they are installed by a professional. Since Energy Star states that units that are Energy Star rated units are 15% more efficient than the standard conventional unit, the savings are clear. You will want to consult with a professional regarding potential rewards for replacing your unit.

Energy Bill Savings

Replacing your old heating and cooling unit can provide you with exceptional savings in your energy bills. With an average household spending of $2,200 annually as reported by Energy Star, it is easy to see how cutting costs is important to most home owner’s economic standing. Cutting your energy costs is an essential part of making sure that you are getting the most of your money. According to the Energy Star program, when replacing your heating and cooling unit with a more efficient heating and cooling unit and by replacing your thermostat with a digital programmable thermostat, you can save several hundred dollars a year. These are excellent reasons to consider replacing your heating and cooling unit with a new more efficient unit.

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