Concerned about your indoor air quality (IAQ)?  Whether you’re targeting a specific issue or are unsure of the problem, Brewer Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. can help.  With 40 years of experience in Nevada County we utilize smart technology, specialized tools, and industry proven testing to accurately assess your HVAC system, possible energy waste, and air contamination.  Through skilled services and innovative products, we protect your health, comfort, budget, cleanliness of your home, and integrity of home furnishings and cooling equipment.

Expert Indoor Air Quality Services

Unfortunately, there are potential sources of pollution in every room of the house.  Everything from insufficient ventilation and humidity levels, to cleaning products, pesticides, pets, smoke, paint, carpeting, and more, greatly impact air quality.  And your air quality directly affects your family’s health.  Headache, flu-like symptoms, fatigue, respiratory infections, sore throat, difficulty sleeping, and aggravated symptoms of asthma and allergy have been linked to poor air quality.

For reliable indoor air quality solutions, call Brewer Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.!

As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Brewer Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. offers a range of innovative air quality products to answer any challenge.  Compatible with most any heating/cooling components, sophisticated air quality accessories provide whole-home improvement, operate virtually silently, and require little  maintenance.  Along with optimizing the health, cleanliness, and comfort of your home, you’ll also protect the reliability and efficiency of your HVAC equipment.  Including ventilation systems, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air purifications systems, and germicidal UV lights, Brewer Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. delivers the right solution for our customers throughout Grass Valley, CA, Penn Valley, CA, Nevada City, CA, and Auburn, CA.